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Our Specialists Work On All Kinds Of Research Writing

Our experts work on all types of research writing, covering a wide range of subjects; as of now, we have covered over 1000 domains.

  • Ancient History
  • Radiotherapy Planning,Urology
  • Cardiology
  • Animal Biotechnology,Calculus,
  • Bryology,Epidemiology
  • Catalysis
  • Bio electromagnetism, Hydrology
  • Apoptosis
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Choosing the Right Expert

Choose the service and submit your manuscript.
Your work is assigned to a relevant specialist with expertise in your field.


A thorough examination by two experts

Your work is then thoroughly reviewed by two experts.
Two expert checks are introduced to ensure high accuracy and zero errors.


Several editing rounds

The expert assigned to your paper will work with you until all of your goals are met.

You can collaborate with them until you are completely satisfied with the final product.

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The Writing Heaven employs one in every ten BELs certified editors worldwide.

Over 97% of researchers believe that pre-submission peer review improved the quality of their most recent published paper by identifying scientific errors as well as missing or incorrect references.

QA Guaranteed

If our work falls short of your expectations. We'll revise and change it until you're completely satisfied.

If you are still unsure, you can request a full refund.

Prompt Delivery

We guarantee on-time delivery. We met all deadlines by pivoting work in approximately 8 hours.

If we miss a deadline, we almost never provide a refund.

Secured Data

We work hard to protect your work by requiring all of our specialists and staff to sign a strict NDA.

Our most recent ISO standard systems also safeguard your files.

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Our customer service representatives are distinguished by their compassion and thorough understanding of consumer needs. We go above and beyond for our clients, aiming to make every interaction with us as simple and enjoyable as possible so that they will stay with us for the rest of their lives and recommend us without hesitation to their friends and colleagues. We hope to become their trusted advisors by developing a personal, emotional relationship with them.

- Peterson Jacob - VP, Customer Service
Customer satisfaction is our priority as we aim to build a loyal client base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are all about clearing your concerns, answering your queries, and keeping satisfied at all times.

The Writing Heaven offers all types of editing services and some post services as well. There are three levels of editing services at The Writing Heaven, advanced, premium, and scientific editing services. These three vary in terms of prices and number of services as well.

As a post service, we provide resubmission support, where if your manuscript has received a no from a certain journal. We thoroughly check the feedback of journalpeers and re-edit the manuscript according to it. From editing to submission, our experts put in all their efforts to ensure that your manuscript is published in a renowned journal.

If you wish to add service after you've placed your order. Simply contact our customer service staff to see whether this is still feasible. It's typically not an issue to add an extra check as long as your editor hasn't completed editing your manuscript.

Extra costs for the additional service will be levied immediately. We may also request that you extend the deadline by a few hours, depending on the length of your work and the amount of editing time remaining. We also make sure from our editor first whether additional services can be added or not.

If you are unclear about which plan to select, we can assist you. What you must do is as follows:

  • Examine the various plans by surfing through the website. You can find different levels of editing and delivery dates.
  • If you are still confused about which plan would best suit your document and your needs, then contact us for a customized delivery date and pricing.
  • Our Client servicing staff will analyze your demands and budget, and then offer the best plan for you.

It is not feasible to change a document after it has been ordered. Please contact the support team as soon as possible if you wish to submit a different version of your work.

Note: If the editor has already begun working on your paper, you will be charged for the additional words that must be altered.

We place a high value on subject-matter knowledge. Physicians, PhDs, MDs, postgraduates, engineers, and even journalpeer reviewers make up our editorial staff. Over 60% of our manuscript editors have a research background. Each editor has a high degree of technical expertise in that specific field of study, as well as an acute grasp of the finer subtleties of your topic, related writing norms, vocabulary, and so on.

Our budget plans and monetary services are all decided based on our target audience. Moreover, we frequently provide discounts on our services as well. Our rates are pretty reasonable even part-time working students can avail of our service. At The Writing Heaven, three things influence pricing:

  • Your documents word count range
  • The degree of editing that you choose (Advanced Editing, or Premium Editing)
  • The requested turnaround time or delivery date
  • To get an exact quote on price please contact on given information on the website.

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