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Services Silver Gold Platinum
Recommended for For authors looking for support in preparing their manuscripts for initial submission. For authors looking for submission-focused support for up to two journal s. For authors seeking high-end publication support, including a complete technical review
Time 3 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Services Available
Submitting journal Initial review and analysis of submission by our experts
Journal Selection
For shortlisting the top 3 to 5 journal s best suited for your manuscript.
Graphics Formatting Check and edit graphics and visual aids in the journal where needed
Plagiarism Check (unlimited rounds for 12 months)
Identify passages that might be flagged down by the journal for plagiarism
Premium Editing Review the final draft to scrutinize any error and make improvements
Resubmission Support
Help with resubmission should your paper face rejection or reviewer comments
Pre-submission peer review
Scientific critique aimed at improving the technical quality of your manuscript.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Publication depends largely on the quality of your research and is a subjective decon that the journal editor takes based on several factors. Therefore, we cannot guarantee publication. However, by helping you understand and follow publication protocols and by offering Premium Editing and Pre-submission Peer Review services*, we help you increase your chances of publication.*Pre-submission Peer Review is only available with the Platinum pack or a Custom pack where you opt for this component.

Different journal s have different policies and operate on different revenue models. Hence, they have different fee structures as well. For example, most subscription-based journal s charge authors for printing color figures/artwork. However, they do not charge any fees for publishing a manuscript. On the other hand, many open access journal s charge authors a fee for publishing their articles and they use these fees to maintain the journal . As these fees differ from journal to journal and, more importantly, need to be paid by the authors themselves, they are not included in our journal Submission fee.

With our publication support services, you can consult experts for guidance at all stages of the publication process. Our expert panelists will review your paper and provide constructive comments so that you can improve your manuscript before submission to the journal of your choice. The experts will work with you to determine the most suitable journal s, assist in manuscript editing before submission, carry out a technical review, and provide post-submission support wherever necessary. These services are mainly aimed at helping authors save time and provide you with technical expertise at relevant stages of publication.

You will get a refund if any of the services we offer do not meet the expectation of the scope of service. The acceptance of a paper is sole up to the discretion of the journal . Depending on the service you choose, our experts could guide you to help you publish the manuscript and also advise you on how to avoid rejection.

If you have chosen custom service, then you will have to complete the payment before the delivery of the assignment. If you have chosen a pack, the payment will be completed upon delivery of the 1st component of the pack.

We will need your complete manuscript (from title page to references including figures and tables) to carry out any of these services. For journal Selection, it would help if you could also share your preferred impact factor, indexing, and any previous rejection history

If you have opted for an Editing or writing service from The Writing Heaven, then it would be advisable to acknowledge The Writing Heaven's support on the manuscript. According to prominent publication guidelines such as the ICMJE guidelines on authorship, editing or writing support should be acknowledged in the paper. Such acknowledgments also serve to assure journal editors/reviewers that the English has been thoroughly reviewed, and meets the required standards for publication. If you would like to acknowledge our editorial support for your paper, you can do so by simply including the following sentence in the Acknowledgments section - We would like to thank The Writing Heaven [https://journal] for editing and reviewing this manuscript for the English language