With our resubmission journal service, you can get help from our expert editors to re-execute your manuscript.

After you receive the reviewer's comments, our editing professionals will take over and assist you with everything you need to resubmit your document. Our specialists will then re-evaluate the situation.

  • Examine the reviewed manuscript to ensure that it meets the standards of the journal.
  • Examine every minor detail and comment in the journal feedback to ensure that your answers are correct.
  • In terms of terminologies, grammar, and factual information, accuracy will be our top priority.

Resubmission journal Service

Resubmission service is not a part of every budget plan. If you want to avail a resubmission support, click below and get a quote.


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Final Manuscript Dismissed? The Writing Heaven Will Help You Improve Your Paper And Submit It To Other Publications.

Attach Your Paper At The Time Of Booking

  • List all of the comments made by journal peers as well as your specifications for what you want us to change in your manuscript.

Compelling Cover Letter

  • After you have thoroughly edited your paper and made the necessary changes. We will provide you with an engrossing cover letter that will entice the journal's editor. A cover letter enhances the value of your overall portfolio and entices the editor to publish your work if it meets the standards.

Account Creation And Management Is Done By Our Professionals

  • For the second time, we leave no room for error, which is why resubmission cases are handled by our experts. Our experts set up, maintain, and manage our clients' accounts to make them more authentic and admirable. They are familiar with the journal's criteria and will follow up with you if you need to submit any papers.

Submission Of Final Reviewed Paper

  • After editing and reviewing the final product, our expert editors submit it. We also provide our clients with the PDF file as proof that we have submitted the manuscript.


Number of papers submitted through journal Submission service

Every journal has its own submission format, and our expert will format your paper according to your target journal ’s instructions for authors. Our expert will also draft a journal Submission cover letter addressed to the editor.

You Will Receive Several Benefits With All of Our Service Plans

Purchase our journal Submission service as part of our Publication Support Packs to ensure a stress-free submission process.

Gold Pack

End-to-end publication-focused support for up to two journal s

  • Resubmission Support
  • Premium Editing
  • Artwork Formatting
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Journal Selection
  • Pre-submission Peer Review

Platinum Pack

High-end publication support, including a complete techical review

  • Resubmission Support
  • Premium Editing
  • Artwork Formatting
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Journal Selection
  • Pre-submission Peer Review

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BELs certified editorsacross the globe are associated with The Writing Heaven

Over 97% of researchers believe that pre-submission peer review service improved the quality of their last published paper by identifying scientific errors and missing and inaccurate references.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resubmission service is basically used for those clients whose final manuscript is dismissed by desired journal peer. The Writing Heaven experts help such clients with the improvement of your content and review the work based on the comments of the journal peers. After reviewing and editing, our experts also create account and submit the articles on the behalf of our client as they know more in detail about how these The Writing Heaven work.

Our budget plans and monetary services are all decided based on our target audience. Moreover, we frequently provide discounts on our services as well. Our rates are pretty reasonable even part time working students can avail our service. To get an exact quote on price please contact on given information on the website.

The Writing Heaven offers plenty of other services that include English editing service, translation services and resubmission support as well. There are even post services involved if you utilize any of our program.

A number of factors impact the decon of the journal editor whether if he wants to publish your article or not. It totally depends upon the quality of work. Quality is our priority and we do not compromise on it. Our expert editors will provide you with top notch final edited manuscript. However, we are unable to guarantee publishing. We can help you boost your chances of publishing by assisting you in understanding and following publication rules.

There are multiple benefits available within our resubmission journal service. You get validity of 12 months for this service. Moreover, our experts assigned to the client will set up the account for them and submit the final articles to the journal publishers as well. However, if you avail resubmission service from some other budget plan then you will enjoy other services mentioned in the plan as well.

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